St. Lucia – Honeymoon

Hi there! I have lots of friends getting married recently and after planning a wedding the next fun thing to plan is your honeymoon!! My new husband and I just got back from our honeymoon and people have been asking me for recommendations or information about where we went.  I travel a lot in general but figured it was time to start a blog and that my first post would be about our honeymoon in St. Lucia.  When we were discussing our Honeymoon my husband was looking for something warm, tropical and relaxing. I follow a lot of other bloggers and two of them (here and here) had done posts on St. Lucia and I knew it would be perfect for us.

Where to stay?

I began researching several properties though sites like travel advisor and to see the reviews. We flew into the UVF airport and driving is very difficult in St. Lucia so we wanted to stay on the SW side of the island near the airport. We booked two different resorts while in St. Lucia. The first 3 nights we stayed at the Ladera (highly recommend!) The photo above is from our room there where we were upgraded to the Hilltop Suite. It was amazing!  Here is a view of the sunset between the Pitons.


The Ladera is a 32-room, adult only property. All of the rooms only have 3 walls and private {heated} plunge pools (!!) which is a totally different experience, like glamping! They offer you lots of bug spray and little water guns when your eating to ward off any little humming birds that may join you 🙂

After 3 nights at Ladera we then moved down to the Sugar Beach Viceroy Resort for another 5 nights in the Luxury Cottage (also with private plunge pool). This was the right way to do this (Ladera first then Sugar Beach). The Sugar Beach resort is an amazing property and you need little buses to take you around the property from your room to the beach or the restaurants.


What to eat?

Both resorts offered meal plans but we only opted for breakfast to be included because we didn’t feel the Meal Plan (MAP) was necessarily the best deal. Actually when we were staying at the Ladera we preferred the resorts restaurant across the street called Boucan at Hotel Chocolat, at chocolate plantation. All of the items on the menu had some sort of chocolate infused into them -so good! Breakfast at Ladera was pretty limited where as at the Viceroy is was a buffet and totally worth the money. We enjoyed the sushi restaurant the most at Sugar Beach resort and ate there 3 of our 5 nights.  We also ate at a local restaurant in the town of Soufiere called Petit Peak cheapest meal we had all week. 

Breakfast at Viceroy.jpg

(the kid in me couldn’t resist the froot loops but I balanced it with fresh kale juice)

What to do?

We knew we would end up with 5 days relaxing on the beach so we took our first few days to explore as much as we can.  Our first day we took a tour of the sulfur springs, drive in volcano and botanical gardens. The sulfur springs lets you get all dirty and muddy but it is so good for your skin – they said it would make you 10 years younger so my husband made sure to really scrub me with the mud!

The next thing you must do is hike the Gros Piton. If you can just have your resort arrange a taxi or a transfer to the entrance of the Gros Piton and pay for the guide your self (much cheaper). You also have to have a guide as is this a very strenuous 4 hour hike 2,619 feet above sea level (burned over 1,000 calories!)  We made it to the top in an hour and half but it took us just over 2 hours for our descent because I fell down the piton almost immediately upon our return – whoops. Lots of the resorts pair this tour with a massage after which is a great idea but we didn’t opt for it.

We also took a tour of the chocolate plantation at Hotel Chocolat where we got to grind dark chocolate cocoa beans and make our own  chocolate bars!


Cocoa Bean Tour!

The next thing I recommend is to rent a car. After so many days reading, lying on the beach, swimming we decided to rent a car and drive to Castries and Pigeon Island. It is about $120 for the day. Some people opt to rent a car for their entire stay so they can drive to different sites but we just did it for one day to venture around. That was scary since you have to drive hanging on to a cliff on the opposite side of the room.

Lastly we did a sunset cruise one night that leaves the Sugar Beach Jetty every Tuesday and Thursday night. You can arrange this through either resort but I recommend contacting Mystic Man Tours direct, you’ll save a few bucks!

What to read?

I had a lot of down time to read while I was at the beach and read 4 books on my honeymoon! I highly recommend this one! It is very similar to Gone Girl and Girl on the Train!


The best part at Sugar Beach resort was the turn down service! Every night we would get something different! This was my fave 🙂


Hope you enjoyed my first post!

xo N

Leave a comment below if you have any questions!


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